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Community Work Projects

Bracey History Project members and volunteers provided some needed upkeep on the R. G. Kidd General Store building located in Bracey, VA. The store was built in the 1940s and operated as a general store until the owner’s passing in 2002. The building is now used as a community food pantry. Work accomplished this summerContinue reading “Community Work Projects”

Bracey History Project Day and Quilt Raffle

Meet the Bracey History Project team and learn what we are doing to help collect and preserve the history of the area. See a variety of beautiful quilts made by local residents. See buildings in old town Bracey. All proceeds go to support the work of the non-profit Bracey History Project.


Welcome to our Bracey History Project page. We are a group of volunteers working to collect, preserve and share historical stories, photos, artifacts pertaining to the Bracey, Virginia area. Our vision is to foster a sense of community and preserve Bracey heritage. Take a look around the site and let us know what you think.Continue reading “Welcome!”

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