2nd Annual Bracey History Project Day 2022

May 28, 2022 was the 2nd Annual Bracey History Project Day event. A great time was had by all! Special thank you to Steve Tregoning who displayed his renovated 1949 Farmall Cub tractor. Willie Bennet talked about how tobacco farming has changed over the years. Carol Corker demonstrated how to weave with a working table top loom. Melanie Winter and her daughters JoBeth and Sue demonstrated how bread is made starting with how to harvest the seeds, to making the dough, and then making the bread! Julie Cabitto and Lucy King discussed opportunities for digitizing historical items such as 1800s era store ledgers that were shared for the event. Juel Duke was at the ready to scan and digitize smaller photos and papers. Charlae and Mark Barbosa were in Old Town Bracey giving tours of the renovated Bracey Train Depot and the in-progress renovation of the Bracey General Store. Thanks also to Matt and Jess from the Trailhead Collective in La Crosse, VA who shared some of the vintage bicycles they repair and get back on the road. We will post more stories and photos as they come in. Thank you to all for supporting the Bracey History Project work!

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