Mark and Charlae came to Bracey looking for a farm to start the transition to retirement.  Mark is a retired COL from the US Army and has always wanted a farm.  Charlae is a Navy veteran but still works for the government in northern Virginia as a software engineer.  Both have a love of history and the origin of things.  Mark came across the old town of Bracey when the owner was having a yard sale.  They purchased a few items, but Charlae fell in love with the old buildings.  It wasn’t until two years later, when they had dropped in price on the Bracey General Store and Train Depot that they took the plunge and purchased them.  Mark and Charlae quickly learned as transplants to Bracey, this is a tight community where everyone knows their neighbors.  There is a sense of pride for the rich history and preserving as much as possible.  That is why when the Bracey History Project was formed they were eager to be involved.  They are hoping to pass down the stories to children and grandchildren and build a legacy in Bracey for many generations to come.

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