2) The Old Post Office building was built as a store around 1915 by Alvis Bracey (son of A. H. Bracey). From 1909 to 1943 the post office was located across the street in the Bracey & Co. mercantile with Waller T. Bracey as postmaster. On his retirement his niece, Nancy Bracey Dunn, became postmistress and the post office was relocated to her father’s store. Eventually postal business became its primary function. The postmistress would put the bag of mail or “catcher pouch” on the mail crane located across the tracks from the depot for the postal clerk on the train to grab as it slowed and passed by the station. Similarly the incoming mail bag would be dropped from the train onto the crane…or the ground. Sometimes prisoners were temporarily held in the upstairs floor of the post office.

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